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September 29, 2011  

On 28 September 2011, as part of  the Freud Museum London 25th Anniversary programme, Dr Anthony Hudek gave a fascinating talk which was recorded for this podcast.

When, and how, does a house become a museum – a ‘house museum’? How does this passage from one function to another affect the visitor’s experience? Taking Freud’s 1919 text ‘Das Unheimliche’ (‘The Uncanny’) as point of departure, this presentation seeks to identify what subsists, what survives when a house turns into a museum: the ghosts of its former occupants, the archive (once a personal collection of papers, books, memorabilia), and a sense (reassuring or unsettling) of domesticity.

But Freud’s text does more than provide a useful guide to what lingers in the house museum, in particular his own. It plays out the paradox of the uncanny: that if the house museum, like the psychoanalytic text, depends on the veracity of its portrayal of the subjective matter it tries to exhibit/expose, it can only do so in the fractured guise of theatre and fiction, lest it fall prey to the very myths and phantasies its stated mission it is to dispel.

Dr Antony Hudek, Mellon Research Fellow at University College London, will explore some of the thought provoking issues around how homes, such as the Freud family home at 20 Maresfield Gardens, become museums.

September 22, 2011  

Victor Ross in conversation with Michael Molnar.

On 6 May 1926, at a party in Bergasse 19, Vienna's psychoanalytic establishment turned out to celebrate Sigmund Freud's 70th Birthday. Guests came from far afield: Princess Marie Bonaparte from Paris, Ernest Jones from London, Ernst Simmel from Berlin. Also present were Dorothy Burlingham and Eva Rosenfeld, at that time as close to Anna Freud as a sister and Eva's young son, Victor Ross.

85 years on, Freud scholar and former Freud Museum Director, Michael Molnar talks to Victor Ross about his life and relations to the Freud family. This is a rare and fascinating opportunity to hear recollections from someone who knew the Freud family well, and has personal memories of the Freuds both when they were living in Vienna and at 20 Maresfield Gardens.

This talk is part of the Museum’s 25th anniversary programme and was recorded at the Anna Freud Centre on Wednesday 21st September 2011.