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May 23, 2011  

This podcast includes a talk recorded at the Freud Museum on 19 May 2011 with 'Freud on Coke' author David Cohen.

The story of Freud’s cocaine episode and its influence on his most famous work - The Interpretation of Dreams.

Author, journalist and BAFTA nominated documentary film maker David Cohen, joins us to discuss his latest book, Freud on Coke.

Freud on Coke explores Freud’s use of the drug, its influence on his later thought, and the subsequent, complex relationship between psychology, psychiatry, drugs and culture. Situating Freud’s cocaine experiments in a tradition of introspective research by legendary drug users such as Aldous Huxley, Timothy Leary and Alexander Shulgin, Cohen makes a powerful case for radical reform both to the present drug laws and the testing procedures used on new pharmaceuticals. A comprehensive study of drugs on both sides of the law, this is an essential edition to the literature on both drugs and psychoanalysis.

Proposed as a cure for ailments ranging from gastric catarrh to female nymphomania, cocaine was, at the time, thought to be harmless. Like many scientists of the period, Freud decided to test the drug personally to study its effects. Prone to depression, a work alcoholic and sexually frustrated, he was hoping to find a medicinal use for the drug that would be hailed as a great discovery...

May 16, 2011  

Alice Anderson in Discussion with...Darian Leader, Stephanie Rosenthal and Joanna Walker

Artist Alice Anderson, is joined by Darian Leader, Stephanie Rosenthal (Hayward Gallery) and curator Joanna Walker, for an evening discussing themes around her current exhibition Alice Anderson's Childhood Rituals.

May 13, 2011  

Radio Schreber, Soliloques for Schziophonic voices investigates the recurring theme of ‘hearing voices’ in sonic and literary works by paying homage to Daniel Paul Schreber’s Memoirs of My Nervous Illness. Written in 1903 during his second mental illness at Sonnenstein Public asylum, the Memoirs detail an alternate delusional world famously analysed by Freud in his Psycho-analytic Notes on An Autobiographical account of a case of paranoia (Dementia Paranoides) published in 1911.

 This podcast contains the conversation between Ivan Ward, Lucia Farinati and Richard Crow that followed the event presented by Sound Threshold and held at the Freud Museum on 20/4/2011

May 9, 2011  

Freud claimed that he conceived his idea of sublimation while reading about the youthful dog-tail-cutting adventures of the future surgeon J. F. Dieffenbach in Heinrich Heine’s Harz Journey. Although Heine does mention a prohibition against docking dog tails in the work, the Dieffenbach anecdote actually appears in Heine’s memorial to Ludwig Börne. This lecture argues that Freud’s parapraxis is entwined with an irony that, if recognized, might undermine the general approbation given by Gentiles to his notion of sublimation. After mapping the two passages that converge upon Freud’s errant account of the origin of his concept, this investigation sniffs out a third dog-wagging tail in the work of Georg Christoph Lichtenberg, an author Freud closely associated with Heine. The trail then doggedly leads to Freud’s earliest formulations of sublimation, which betray further associations with matters Jewish. In the end [Cutting to the chase?], this tale of tails suggests that what may be most sublimated by Freud’s notion of “sublimation” is the correlation between psychoanalytic discourse and Freud’s Jewish identifications.